Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Wings of Glory Again!

Last fortnight we dragged out the WoW WW I aircraft collection and the three of us donned our flying caps, goggles, scarves and fake moustaches and 'set off into the wild blue yonder...'

We played a couple of free for all games to get into the rules, a Sopwith Camel, an Albatross and a SPAD maneouvered around the tabletop going at each other!

Game 1 the SPAD triumphed.
Game 2 no one won! Last turn saw the 2 Camels shoot each other down going head to head!

Then out came the Gotha! We each gad a go at crossing the table top flying the Gotha against two Camels!

Game 1 ended with an exploding Gotha, the Camels took quite a bit of damage!

Game 2 ended in the second Gotha blowing up as well this time the camels took light damage.

Game 3 and the Gotha made it! One camel was shot down in the action.

Next time we have a WoW night I'll read up the trench, ground fire and bombing rules and we'll try those!

Keep gaming!

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