Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Great Antipodean Adventure - Figures, Rules & Stuff

Well the project continues!

A couple of TSOGers are looking at scratch building some period terrain already! I'll be calling on my existing terrain but am looking at buying some bibs and bobs. What would really be cool is if we could create a 1800mm by 1200mm table top filled with a Sydney city block! Having an industrial area and train station with track would also be useful for scenarios so lots to do!

I'll be drawing from figures from my various collections for this Campaign as well as buying some new ones. I hope every TSOGer will be able to build up a force so we can get some really big games happening! The 'alternate history' will call for citizen 'armies' so I envisage except for Government forces most of the figures will be in civilian dress. So a figure that serves as a member of a Union mob in one scenario can be a far right member of the New Guard in another. This is useful as building a faction will mean getting a uniformed leadership group and then backing them up with the generic citizen forces...anyway that's my thoughts and it fits with the idea of an instantaneous revolt by the people!

Below are pictures of my existing forces drawn from my VSF, WW I and WW II collections! They include many makers and a few of them like the WW I Diggers I bought already painted and have no idea what manufacturer they are from!

The masses!

More masses...

Firemen, Coppers and some brown coated fellows...could be some sort of Fascists?

World War I figures pretty spot on for period army dress...

What would a revolution be without some armed sailors making an appearance...could be supporting any side! I have some unarmed sailor from the second half of the19th Century who would probably fit in too!

Some more mixed uniform army chaps and a couple of Soviet Commissars. I think even mixing some early WW II Brits in wouldn't be too out of place!

These are some VBCW BUF figures (Warlord?) I just bought from the LAF and will make a great command group for a bloc which can they be beefed up by the civilian clad masses...

The first scenario is already planned, its a small one and will be played with various rules to determine how we go ahead in that area, it's called 'A Visit To The Governor's House' and just needs a play test. The rules I'm looking at currently are FUBAR, TW&T and The World Aflame but I will put it to the others for more suggestions! We want a skirmish set that is 'easy' allowing for the quick and 'fun' games which this genre calls for but that also can have period special rules easily incorporated.

Anyway thanks for putting up with my ramblings I just hope my fellow gamers will!!!!!

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