Thursday, 18 January 2018

Longstreet Demo Game -TSOG Meet Group North

A couple of weeks ago the TSOGgers trekked up to visit Group North and run a demo game of Longstreet. After some enjoyable Thai for tea we set up the Railway Embankment Scenario with 'balanced' forces. We used 1863 card decks so the total number of cards for each side was balanced. The Rebs were attacking. I umpired while passing on some words of advice and Stu and Dave acted as advisers to Marcus and Steve. Well we experienced a rollicking game with both side trying to turn the others right flank. In the end due to judicious use of cards the Confederates scored a victory.

Some pics from the night!

Yankee cavalry advancing the E means they are Eager (good on the attack) and R means Recruits (average for  shooting and combat) 

The Confederates cross the fields using them as cover as they approach the Northerners

A Reb battery guards the flank of the attacking units

The Yankee cavalry approach the Rebs flank

A couple of pictures of the Rebs destroying the Yanks left flank...
The Confederates use of Confusion and Old Rivals cards allowed them to score a massive attack against vulnerable Union troops.

This game showed you really need to get to know you cards. Interestingly the Move or Charge option wasn't really a point of contention which was good! Finally it was mentioned firing was ineffective and a couple of thing here almost all the troops were recruits so hitting on 5+ rather than Veterans and I've never seen such poor rolling for artillery in my life! I think if we're asked again we'll visit Group North again for another round of Longstreet. 

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