Sunday, 20 May 2018

Song of Drums and Shakos AAR #2

Trotted out the Song of Drums and Shakos rules and my Perry 1/56 figures for some more Napoleonic skirmishing!

Blurb for the game, the character names matched ours I did this to get Dave’s Great Great Great Great Grandfather who served on wellington's staff in 1815 into the game...

The Supply Train
June 1815

Belgium in the summer of 1815 was in a state of anxiety. A large portion of the populace looked to France where Napoleons return excited in them with the prospect of reunification with that great country whilst the majority feared the return of the ‘Ogre’ would result in their subjugation!

Soldiers from the Coalition partners soon found themselves based in the peaceful Belgian countryside in readiness for their great offensive which would finally rid Europe of Napoleon…

We go to the 16th of June 1815 near the Brussels/Nevilles Road...

Given a temporary command of a crucial supply train, Captain Neudegg found himself daydreaming as he trudged along a dusty Belgian road on that cool June morning surrounded by his small detachment of redcoatsLittle did he know that the rising sun that warmed his face not only brought on the day but the French army! It was Sergeant Harrison on noticing movement in the distance roared ‘Oi Frenchies!’ The Captain was stung into action this was not going to be the leisurely stroll he expected…

Lieutenant Williams a grin on face and his shako at a jaunty angle pointed out to second in command Sergeant Coppelois the rag tag column of redcoats approaching them. He leaned close to his NCO and mumbled his orders in an outrageous French accent to the Sergeant. Taking in his task Coppelois sneered in that typical French manner, sucked hard on his half smoked Gitanes and then discarding it scurried off rally his charges. Minutes latter a force of battle hardened Voltigeurs and Fusiliers set off to beset the unsuspecting British!
Count Neudegg
Sergeant Harrison (Rifleman)
6 Line Infantry
4 Riflemen
1 Civilian teamster leading the supply column

Lieutenant Williams 
Sergeant Coppelois
7  Voltigeurs
Game length
15 Turns

Victory Conditions
To win the British must exit the supply train of all four mules from the opposite road edge to which they start
To win te french must kill /wound 50% off the British force and stop the supply train exiting the board edge

Special Rules
The supply train mules move first each turn
The supply train always moves 2 short moves is it moves and must follow the road
The teamster must stay adjacent to the mules and stay on the road
The teamster has a C 1 combat value and has no firearm
If the teamster is killed 2 British figures must replace him and while they engage in leading the supply train they can not engage in any type of combat


I'll let the pictures tell the story!

 Captain Neudegg and his column escorting the vital supply train

Captain Williams cajoles his Fusiliers into action

French Sergeant Coppelios and his Voltigeurs

The British Line Infantry stay on the road by the supply train while the Riflemen head off cross country albeit slowly

 The battlefield!

The French Fusiliers move quickly to secure the stone walls that dominates the road on which the British supply column must continue

The British rRflemen dawdle while the French light troops move rapidly and engage the British on the road

Coppelios Voltigeurs open fire on the British and draw first blood, their uncannily accurate shooting knock out two Redcoats and force three to hit the ground! Little did anyone know this event really decided the game the British were delayed at this point for four turns and came under fire from both French sections!
 Captain William's section secure the vital stone wall

The supply train continues down the road after a delay while the British Infantry duke it out with Coppelios Voltigeurs

Captain Williams French Fusiliers loose off a volley and a Redcoat in the distance is dropped

Finally the British Riflemen come into play and helping the line troops put the French light infantry to flight, here they are seen withdrawing. The riflemen ended up inflicting over 50% losses on the Voltigeurs after which they were rendered ineffective for the duration of the game

The French at the wall in turn inflicted more losses on the British Infantry and they too struggled with morale and turned tail and headed toward the rear. The Riflemen tried a desperate final lunge to distract the French and allow the supply train to slip past them...

...they failed and the slow supply column was ripe for the picking!

Captain Neudegg his Redcoats retreating an all looking hopeless aided the Riflemen and charged the French Infantry, he was promptly cut down!

To complete the British defeat a French Infantryman killed the teamster, the supply train was in French hands

A British defeat, they suffered 8 casualties and the teamster while the same number of Frenchmen were felled. The Voltigeurs and Redcoats both with over 50% losses were struggling as their morale collapsed.

The game showed that volley fire when you can employ it is the way to go!

These are my favourite Napoleonic skirmish rules! Planning to get a four player game with much larger forces on the table soon!

Thanks for checking the AAR out!


  1. Great AAR thanks for sharing.

  2. poor Neudegg.

    "There is nothing on earth so stupid as a gallant officer.
    Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, British general and Prime Minister

    add to his epitaph, he never stood a chance :)