Monday, 9 May 2016

Italeri 1/56 WW II Germans

I bought up some Italeri 28mm WW II German plastic figures to create a skirmish force for some Two Fat Lardies rules I have. from what I have read on the net these are actually Warlord figures.
The figures cost me AUD18 for a box which creates 12 multi pose figures and includes a decent brush and a small Vallejo German Fieldgrey paint pot. These figures take more time to prepare for paint than one pice metal figures but I think its worth it. Every figure can be different.
I already have some Brits, Yanks and Soviets in this scale painted up so once I get these all done I'll be ready to game!
I've painted these to what I call gaming level so not quite up to the standard of my VSF figures.
Here's the first batch of 12!

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