Thursday, 19 May 2016

Wings Of Glory Session

Well I don't know how many clichés were coined during the night nor do I know if the cotton wool moustaches we all wore were passed by OH&S standards but I can say a good time was had by all as our little biplanes/triplanes criss crossed the table top attempting to shoot each other out of the sky!

We played two three player free for all games with two planes each and Dave was the last man standing in both of those.

Then we played a game where a Gotha bomber had to fly the length of our table and survive the attention of two Sopwith Camels. We were too lazy to read the bombing rules on the night so we went with this scenario! Stu manoeuvred the Gotha with great skill but just fell short of his objective when he drew the 'explosion' damage card within inches of succeeding! We Brits discovered afterwards the Gotha took engine damage early on so was in effect limping about the table, without that handicap I suspect it would have cruised the length of our table much quicker and could well have escaped its rather nasty fate!

This was only the second time Dave and I had played these rules and they are pretty easy to come to grips with. We had a few confused orders with a couple of cards from different plane decks played against the wrong planes and a couple of discrepancies on plane placement when retracing steps but all in all this was good beer and pretzels gaming! In all honesty I think the old Blue Max game does this better and I wonder if I should get a large printed hex grid to play those rules but using the great WoW and WoG miniatures??? Anyway we're going to read up more on the Wings of Glory rules over the next two weeks and try this game  again next fortnight to see how it goes now we have a little experience under our belts!

Here's a few pictures from the night...

I held off on posting the picture with us all posing wearing our cotton wool moustaches!

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