Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Wings Of Glory Session 2

Well this fortnight with the Wings of Glory rules fresh in our heads we spent another night soaring over the trenches of the western front thumbing our noses at fellow knights of the sky and watching for the 'Hun in the Sun' all while wearing silly cotton wool moustaches!
We started the gaming with a two plane each free for all and then ran the 'Catch that Gotha' scenario three times so each one of us had a chance to fly of the Hun bomber against two Sopwith Camels, that went two games to one in favour of the British!
In the true spirit of the night Alan brought a pack of Pods Chocolates so we could all say..."Chocks Away!" is silly british accents! Here you'll see if our free for all game my Fokker Dr1 is the first of the six planes in action down!

At this point of the free for all I was the rules man as both my planes were out of action and Alan was one plane to Dave's two..uh oh!

We will go back to these rules again in the future as I have the large Zeppelin and Handley Page bombers and we want to give them a spin!
This Monday night as it's the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday we shall be going with the 'Queenie' theme and all dress up as dowdy old ladies no no no...I mean we'll play a (Queen) Victoria(n) Science Fiction game with the veritable FUBAR VSF rules while supping on Corgi Kebabs and sipping sherry!

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  1. Despite being down two to one as we closed for the final shoot-out, my plucky pilot in his Albatross managed to come out on top, downing three enemy aircraft for the day and heading off 'back home in time for tea and medals!'