Friday, 24 June 2016

FUBAR VSF Game - Nasty Martian vs Humanity

Our last Monday foray into gaming featured my Little Wars FUBAR VSF scenario. This game pits a Martian Tripod against a Human force featuring Armoured Steam Wagons, Guns and an Aeronautical Conveyance. The objective is simple the Tripod needs to cross the length of the board and exit from the opposite side to which it entered.

A couple of pictures of the action between the Humans and the Martian Tripod...

One Tripod

1 x Wong Flyer from 266 Squadron
4 x Armoured Steam Wagons from the Queens Own Steam Dragoons
2 x Rapid Fire Light Cannons

The game ended after a marathon 26 turns (that was my BAD I should have included the Little Wars restriction of 10 turns and I'll make sure I do that next time!) in a narrow Martian victory!

The historical blurb, full AAR and lots of pictures are on Captain Darling's VSF Blog...

Next Monday gaming night we're visiting the Napoleonic Era and the Battle of Barrosa!

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