Friday, 9 September 2016

Pulp "Armoured Jalopy" - Scratch Build

Okay since TSOG are going to do some play testing of the pulp car fighting Mad Maximilian rules I'm gonna need a 'ride'.

I've had a first look through the rules and seen the pictures of the intended cars (sort of 1930s styled sleek art deco Grand Prix types) and decided to go with the Rolls Royce A/C, Bolton Paul Defiant  & Pick Up Truck amalgamation sort of thing!

I got the approximate sizes of the supplied cars  and spent some time last night drawing up details blue prints (hahaha) and today cutting and gluing styrene and PVC pipe....

Here's a picture of my detailed plans with where I am up to at the moment...

And a couple more pictures from different angles...

I'll go with Lego wheels most probably as they are easy to get and cheap. The MGs are from Tobsen77 and will be mounted firing forward like a WW I fighter. The rotating turret behind the armoured cab I think will have one (maybe two) rapid fire 20mm cannons. More details on specs as I complete the build.

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