Sunday, 18 September 2016

Pulp Jalopy #2

Speaking with another TSOGer yesterday (Saturday) morning he revealed he still hadn't found his old diecast cars for Monday night and wasn't sure where they were I thought I'd better have a second car ready in case...

So from this...

To this...

In 24 hours!

I decided to go with the WW I fighter look so I formed 7 pieces of flat styrene into this. I glued the 6 1mm flat faces together with a couple of braces and the glued a 0.5mm piece to the right side. Once it set I curved it over to the left glued it and clamped it in place.

Once that was done I made an engine block from sheet styrene added some Lego Speaker Horns and a couple of 1/35 Panther bits to it for character. I gathered some Lego Wagon Wheels, Decretive Caps and a Propeller and a TOBSEN77 Pilot and 2 HMGs and prepared them to be added to the body.

Back to the 'fuselage' I cut the Pilots Position out with the trusty Dremel and painted the body with wood side panels and silver metal work. I then lined the edge of the pilots position with some Milliput to represent the protective padding.

Next I assembled the bits...

All where was I?


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  2. Hey Norm, thanks for visiting!
    I've added the follow button...I think :-)