Saturday, 3 September 2016

Scenario - Napoleonic Skirmish - Song of Drums & Shakos Rules

It's Napoleonic skirmishing this fortnight and we're using the Song of Drums and Shakos rules. One side will be the French (derrr) and the other one of the members of the Sixth Coalition. On each side one player will be the force leader and the other his second in command. Each player will control 5 to 8 individual soldiers. I
The Situation...
1813 Europe....
Whilst the armies of the Sixth Coalition manoeuvre against Imperial French forces a Divisional Officer inadvertently mislaid vital documents he had received from the Allied High Command. The Brigadier realised he had lost the secret papers soon after his soldiers had departed from their over night encampment. Anxiously he sent a select group of troops to recover his satchel and the important orders. They scurried off with haste to carry out their orders...
Unbeknownst to the Brigadier one of Fouche's (French Spy Master) agents overheard his plight and sent the information of to the commander of Napoleon's nearby units. The French General on receiving this intelligence deployed a small unit of volunteers to investigate the reports validity and if the said documents exist procure them for France, he believed they would be invaluable to the Imperial cause...
Victory points are allocated for casualties and getting the secret documents! Goes without saying highest score wins. These rules are fast playing but we have two first timers so it'll be interesting to see how long it takes to play the scenario. The AAR will follow soon!
The French will have two force selections to pick from:
Option 1
Officer 60pts
NCO 56pts
Drummer 16pts
2 Voltigeur 66pts
8 Line Infantry 208pts
Point Total 406
Option 2 - think we'll start with this the Dragoons add some variety!!!
Officer 60pts
Dragoon NCO 42pts
4 Dragoons (on foot) 144pts
6 Line Infantry 156pts
Point Total 402
The Allies can select of one 'section' from one of three nationalities:
Officer 60pts
NCO 56pts
4 Grenadiers 128pts
5 Line Musketeers 150pts
Point Total 394
Officer 60pts
Grenzer NCO 70pts
4 Grenzers 180pts
4 Line Infantry 96pts
Point Total 406
NCO 46pts
Rifle NCO 84pts
4 riflemen  188pts
4 line infantry 104pts
Point Total 422
Picture of the pool of available troops with the 'battlefield' in the background...

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