Friday, 16 September 2016

The Armoured Jalopy Complete!

Well here it is all finished in luxurious British Green with Gold Embellishments the Armoured Jalopy all ready for a run using the Mad Maximilian Rules...

Its scratch built from my usual stuff (styrene sheet and PVC pipes) but I have used two TOBSEN77 HMGs and the wheels are Lego ones, they're not perfect for the period but the Rolls Royce A/C of the 1930's had solid rims so I'm happy plus the Jalopy rolls smoothly hmmmm...the build was fast so the doors, vision slits, and radiator aren't quite as detailed as I would like but I think pretty passable...anyway I hope you like it!

The Armoured Jalopy Specifications
Length: 5.6 metres
Width: 2.5 metres
Height: 1.9 metres
Propulsion System: Inline 8 cylender fuel injected Daimler Benz engine
Top Speed: 45 MPH
Armour: Steel Plates on the Body and a Rolled Steel Turret
Armament: 2 x Forward firing HMG's with 2500 rounds each
                  2 x 20mm Austo Cannons in the manually rotated Turret with 500 rounds each

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