Thursday, 10 November 2016

Little Wars Canberra 2016

Well I was visiting the A.C.T. and as it happened my stay coincided with Little Wars Canberra so I thought what the heck I'll drop in! It was good fun and several hours well spent though my partner Kathryn for some reason decided she wouldn't go...I just don't understand that. Kudos to the organisers and to those who took the time to set up and run the games, well done all!
I looked around, played a couple of games, spoke with a few 'table owners', spent some money and kept a low Captain Darling name tag hehe!
my vote for best terrain of the day was the World War I table but it was a close call. Odd it was a great table but had a strange mix of different era figures in use on it i.e. early hun infantry, later Entente infantry, tanks, cavalry charging across no mans land etc I think it was et up mainly to promote a set of rules and range of figures but no one was at the table when I visited it so I'm not sure..
figure wise many tables had great ones but the unplayed display only SAGA Viking table got my vote there, the fantastic looking Viking Long Boats especially added to the effect. The CnC 28mm Greek Ancient figures (Battle of Gabiene) were a really close second for me.
And a special mention to the guys who ran the Crimean war Charge of the Light Brigade game, I didn't see it being played but the figures and table were very good looking and I'm sure it would have been a spectacle to watch. Having russian heritage it was cool seeing spike helmeted Russian infantry and the the cavalcade of various colourful horsemen set up...
Remember all the above are just my opinions!
Game wise I played Dead Man's Hand it's a fun wild west ride, I'll definitely pick up these rules at some stage! Also I played a beer and pretzels WW 2 Stalingrad game qith 54mm Airfix figures and carboard building that was a real hoot! I took a set of the rules away with me, there's plenty of room to cutomise them but it was fun as is!
Lots of money was raised for 'Soldier On' as well I believe so well done there too!
Here are some pictures sory taken with my phone so not the best quality...

The Viking Raid table

The World War 1 table, I can't remember the rules fut the figures were 18mm

The Dead Mans Hand Game the second game I played and my 'gang' got their asses whooped!

Stalingrad 54mm Figures with cheapo Cardboard Buildings that looked quite good, I played this and my Ruskies beat the Facists...just...

CnC Battle of Gabiene

The Arnhem Assault Bolt Action game, you'll see a Tardis and Dalek amongst the 4Ground Buildings 

A Rome v Carthage game with big figures

A Sharpe's Practise 2 game, Retreat from Leipzig

There were other games but my pictures were worse than the ones above...

I'll be adding a Longstreet AAR next time I post...


  1. I forgot to take photos, too busy buying stuff and playing games. thanks for going to the effort. It was a good day out.

  2. Hey Chris thanks!
    I only had my phone to take pictures myself so they're a bit average...