Monday, 20 February 2017

1/56 German 5cm Granatwerfer 36 Scratchbuild

Okay so I've almost finished assembling and painting all my Italeri WW II Germans but what to do with dso many prone figures?

Well I've made some snipers...

I've also got an Artillery FOO

I of course went with the standard MG34 duo, not super useful in gaming but...

And I've still got two left grrrrr...

Alright how about using them with a Granatwerfer 36 on a base and have a kneeling figure on a separate base that can be a number two or when no mortar is required can be a regular Soldat...

I got my 1/6 Dragon 5cm Granatwerfer 36 and scaled it down to make this with some styrene, pins and brass tube..

It's not perfect but will suffice for gaming!

I'll now build a second one and a few plain ammo boxes.

Saved buying a specialised figure and used up the last of my prone figures I find them very limiting for gaming!

Cheers (lieterally!)

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