Friday, 3 March 2017

1/56 German 5cm Granatwerfer 36 Complete

Well finished up the "find a use for extra Italeri German WW 2 prone figures by building a 1/56 German 5cm Granatwerfer 36 Project"...

Some interesting stuff about these mortars; there was a three man crew, two users laid prone either side of it one aiming and one loading and firing, the third guy was for smoking and drinking Schnapps I suppose or maybe even for spotting. After loading the round the aimer looked away while he held the two main handles and pressed down the mortar's base and the firer looked away and pulled the trigger! Sounded a lot of work! The other big thing of interest for us gamers about this mortar is it didn't have smoke rounds! What the heck...

Anyway here are the finished pictures, I like how these turned out I hope the basing inspires others to use those 'extra' prone German Italeri WW 2 figures!!!!

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