Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Story of Sergeant Snake Eyes - Song of Drums & Shakos

For those who remember we recently played an Austrian vs Russian game of Song of Drums & Shakos...well here are the pictures that have now been freed from my partners camera!

Both side entered from the same edge of the battle field separated by a hill, the Austrians are in the background...

An ineffective volley is loosed by the Russian infantry!

Austrian Jagers lurking on the hilltop among the trees...

The Jagers spy some particularly looking nasty Russian Grenadiers in the distance!

The side face off then Sergeant Snake Eyes makes his appearance!

'Anything but a double one will work' famous last words says Sergeant Snake eyes...

Next turn "anything but a triple one and we're good" well unless of course you're Sergeant Snake eyes!

The rest is on the original post!

Stay tuned I'm sure Sergeant Snake-Eyes is bound to rear his head again at some stage!

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