Friday, 13 October 2017

Longstreet - House Rules Test AAR

Monday night we used one of my previous Longstreet Campaign games to test the proposed House Rules for Morale and a Move/Charge phase. When this game was first played the out numbered Rebels on the attack actually scored a win over the Yankees, they were lucky with cards and the 'Rebel Yell' cards were telling. This time it was the reverse the Yankees had more luck in cards and with the dice which gave the Southerners a hill that was just too steep to climb and they lost.

The important thing was the House Rule tests It turned out the Morale rule did favoured the defender as it affected forward motion more than expected. But on the night the dice heavily favoured the Yankees and they had more units with less than 6 bases than the Rebels, well initially at least. So perhaps it needs to be looked at as it did affect the flow of the game but maybe we've been spoiled with previous games even units down to two bases advancing gaily into the teeth of enemy fire with barely a thought of retiring? The Move/Charge rule was only played once so really didn't get a run so there was really no way to determine the affect of it on game playability (is that a word!). The short of it I will do some more solo testing before running these up the flag pole again!

The AAR Longstreet - The Wheat Fields 1863

The sides face off Yankees defending to the left Rebels on the move to the right!

The Union troops kept up a steady and VERY successful bombardment... the Rebels advanced!

Even before meeting the Northerners the Rebels had taken many casualties and were having to redeploy their batteries (bottom left of next picture).

The Yankee line erupts again pouring withering fire into Johnny Reb!

Reb left flank at the ready to charge!

Reb right flank stuck in the crops...

The Yankees pushed back but not broken! A coloured unit retreated through two white regiments causing losses!

The Union troops reoccupy their front to charge the Confederates!

The Yankees counter charge and push the Rebs past their breaking point!

Well the consensus (I think) was to play some more Longstreet next week so we'll go with a four player game using I think just the standard rules!

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