Sunday, 29 July 2018

X-Wing Action!

For our last catch up we were all set for a big night of X-Wing action with our resident expert but he called in sick! Stu stepped up and brought over his X-Wing kit!

We payed several games with 2 X-Wing and 4 Tie Fighters at our disposal!

We soon remembered the basic rules and mastered a few of the advanced ones!

Suffice to say there was lots of 'Pew Pewing' and 'Dadadadaaing' all punctuated with Darth and Yoda impersonations! It was good fun and we all found piloting X-Wings was much preferable to Tie Fighters, with their 'Lock' attribute we can see why the starter kit included only 1 X-Wing but 2 Tie fighters!

Some of the action...

After playing there was time for plenty of chat, this is the good thing about light games like this there's more time for socialising after the session!

Next session we are revisiting X-Wing but with much more extensive forces!

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