Monday, 13 August 2018

1/56 Generic HMG and ATR Weapons - TGAA

For The Great Antipodean Adventure games I’m going to be needing some specific ‘heavy’ Infantry weapons for forces that will include mainly civilian figures (though not exclusively!) and a) I don’t want to buy lost of specific figures for limited use and b) not sure if anyone makes 28mm civilian ATR, HMG teams etc that fit my requirement.

So I’ve decided to make up some heavy weapon bases that ‘normal’ figures can be positioned by. I want them to be simple/generic so I can make multiples but the still give an idea of what I require...

Later after mixing styrene, paperclips, lollipop sticks, spare German MG ammo boxes with a bit of superglue...

Then a lick of paint... 

And they are ready for tonight’s Great Antipodean Adventure A World Aflame game! Woo Hoo!


  1. I think the HMG worked too well, mowed down the rabble very effectively !

    thank again for last night Darling.

    1. HaHa!
      Yes the Unionists attempt to use up all the Army's ammunition failed miserably!

  2. Toy Soldiers for Old Gits! Laughed my head off (from one old git to another). The heavy weapons look fabulous. I must have a try - I've never actually thought of doing that. Thanks for the inspiration. Ammo boxes are something I really need - must try a few of those too.

    1. Hey Oswald!
      Thanks for visiting!
      All Ol' Gits are welcome here!
      If you build some of your own heavy weapons let us know!