Thursday, 30 May 2019

Blucher Waterloo Game Project - Preparations

This June I want us to game Waterloo with Blucher rules!

I've read up on others Waterloo scenarios and AAR's and attended a local gaming groups day long sessions (Group North). This has been most helpful! I want to use my 6mm figures for this game and get the whole battlefield with extended flanks (to allow for manoeuvre options) for the game. It will be at Brigade level with 40mm x 20mm sized units, having units this size we will track their attributes and strengths on rosters.

I now have the below ready;

Allied Army
French Army
Prussian Army
Unit Labels
Laminated Rosters
Urban bases for all relevant built up areas except La Haye Saint
Wooded Area Terrain
Road Terrain

I am now in the process of building the necessary elevated terrain for the game so I'm pretty close to being ready!

Hopefully we'll be ready to play this sucker on or around the 18th, it will probably take us two sessions to complete the game.

Plancenoit and a 40mm x 20mm Brigade.

Test hill made from what I call foam board, its from an old display sign from my office...

The battlefield with WIP ridges/hills...

Back soon with the OOB's!

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