Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Little Wars Adelaide & TSOG!

Little Wars Adelaide 2019 is on this Sunday, July 7 so if you can attend, do it and support miniatures gaming here in Adelaide, South Australia!

There's full details including times and location on the Website and Facebook Page;

Little Wars Adelaide

Little Wars Adelaide Facebook

All the TSOGgers have been involved with Little Wars Adelaide 2019 and in addition to helping with organising the event are also hosting 2 games...

Game Name: Guadalcanal Skirmish - Battle of Edson's Ridge
Game System: Chain of Command
Game Type: Participation
Duration: Players can 'drop in & drop out'

Japanese deploying...the figures are 1/72ish Airfix Japs and Italeri Yanks

The Japs objective, Edson's Ridge...

Game Name: War of the Worlds-Martian Attack
Game System: FUBAR VSF
Game Type: Participation
Duration 60 - 90 minutes

An Evil Martian Fighting Machine assails stout British Artillerymen!

Should be a big day! We hope you can get there join in the games and shop around at the various traders stands!

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