Monday, 22 July 2019

Wings of Glory/War Night - WW II!

After a Little Wars game overload we decided to ease back into our Monday nights so out came the Wings of War planes! This time we moved into the WW II era! Also Al rolled out his excellent modular terrain mats!

We just played some dog fight games as we hadn't played for ages, I picked an early war Spitfire, Al a Messerschmitt bf109E and Dave a Zero.

Game 1 Dave exceeded his damage on the same turn I drew an explosion damage chit the 109 ruled the skies!

Game 2 My Spit got damage from both the 109 and the Zero and went down, Al then got the better of Dave destroying the Zero.

So score wise the night ended with the below victory counts
Japan 2 victories the Spit in both Games!
Germany 1 victory the Zero Game 2
Britain 1 victory the Zero Game 1

Some pics...

Though we only played 2 games over the night due to discussion on our Little Wars experiences we found the WW II version of play definitely benefits from altitude and optional rules which for the WW II.

Next time we'll be visiting the PTO theatre, WW II!

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