Friday, 30 August 2019

TSOG visits Group North for some CoC!

Its winter, its Wednesday, its dark and its cold so Dave and I decided what better course of action than to venture out and take part in a Chain of Command game at the Group North club room! 

Group North Historical Wargames Society

We've played CoC several times and are enjoying using them but have steered clear of using armour to nail the infantry rules. Bring in Group North, they were playing some 'big CoC' featuring multiple AFV's so we took the opportunity to avoid reading the rules and see how they work in play!

The figures and vehicles available to us looked great the paintwork on them were very good. The German Jump Off points were nice little 'mini dioramas'!

It was a meeting engagement between late war German and USA forces. A regular Yank infantry platoon with three tanks went up against a German FJ platoon with 3 AFV's. The German force was stronger than the US one but only deployed two out of its three sections during play evening the odds a bit. Initially the US tanks hammered the German foot but then the German tanks came into play relieving some of the pressure. The mass of German LMG's that the FJ's had on hand hammered the Yanks taking a fearful toll as they advanced... but unfortunately the game did not play to fruition ending with the USA Force Morale teetering while the Germans remained at their starting level. So the Jerry forces held the upper hand and since Dave and I helped play them a victory for TSOG!!!

Thank you to Group North for putting up with us! 😃

My FJ section advancing against the Ami's....unfortunately they were to come under withering fire from tanks and infantry and retired losing four out of ten men...

Dave's FJ section in hard cover using their two MG42's to good effect...they held their ground and caused many casualties!

Will write up the AAR from our Monday get together next, an Oz Civil War game from our Great Antipodean Adventure campaign using the World Aflame rules...

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