Sunday, 24 April 2016

1/56 MDF Laser Cut Building Reviews Battlefield Accessories & Sarissa

With my 28mm collection slowly expanding into WW II I've decided a few building would be necessary for a bit of an 'urban' skirmish. Now with the pricing of the new laser cut MDF building I've decided the Dollars spent are more than  worth my time to make complex and good looking buildings. A quick search of the net revealed many companies making laser cut MDF buildings, there was even one e based here in Adelaide but their Wild West main theme didn't fit with what I was after. I decided to be fair and selected a couple of sample products to compare some local Australian wares from Battlefield Accessories with one of the big boys Sarissa.

Today I'm comparing BA's Village Building 2 (AUD16 + some shipping) and Sarissa's Destroyed Terrace House N025 (GBP9.99 free shipping that's to Arcane Scenery) so they are actually almost exactly the same price.

Arcane Scenery and Models

Battlefield Accessories

Here are some pictures BA's single story jobbie versus Sarissa 'damaged' thingee...

Here's what I think, I'll definite be getting some more Sarissa stuff but unless I can source the BA kits locally going on what I've seen from the two Village Building kits th BA stuff is too expensive for what you get.

Battlefield Accessories summary
Assembles well with good fitting parts
Includes an interior wall
Interior floor detailing
Fireplace detail
Dear for what you get
Overall low level of exterior and window detailing
No doors ?!? What happen here...

Sarissa summary
Assembles well with good fitting parts
High level of exterior detail
Good looking extra window and door parts giving depth
Interior floor detailing upstairs
No ground level floor detail, odd considering the upstair has detailin?
No Fireplace detail chiminey just stops halfway down the wall

I think there is a Longstreet AAR to be posted soon...

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