Friday, 8 April 2016

First Post - About TSOG!

Okay I’ll start this Blog off then!

Just FYI this is all about mates getting together fortnightly and playing casually with Toy Soldiers while drinking beer and conversing on all things from cars to girls, interestingly enough last meeting we discussed the effect on a relationship a game of Squad Leader with one’s girlfriend can have! Anyway back to the Toy Soldiers there’s no place in our games for Rules Nazis and since we are not betting our sheep stations on the results winning in not the be all and end all of things!

So far since formalising our old ‘ad hoc’ gaming and starting regular catch ups we have managed:

2 games of Rapid Fire WW 2 (I don’t have any pics of these)
1 game of A State of War Skirmish ACW
2 Napoleonic Era Naval games
1 Longstreet game (Dave and I started a Campaign)

Here are some pictures from our various games so far! Once we get in the groove there’ll be a full AAR for each game…hmm if that requires thought and less beer drinking on the night we could be in trouble!

ACW Longstreet

Some Pictures - Dave's Blue Bellies whipped my Southern Boys soundly!

ACW A State of War Skirmish Game

Some Pictures - this game with Stu and Dave we called a draw there was one victory point in it!

We’ve tried modified Trafalgar rules too as there’s nothing like playing with ‘wooden ships’ allowing you to use your full pirate vocabulary! AVAST MATIES! Both of these games we stopped prematurely as we sort of spent more time fighting the wind (meteorological kind) rather than each other we need to improve our sailing a bit here so the fleets don’t drift apart doing wild manoeuvres!

In the first game the French finished with a slight edge crippling one British 3rd Rate ship but were struggling to get back into position to get back into action and in the second game the Frenchies were slightly worse off with one ship of the line striking its colours and another damaged with the British had lost a frigate, not sure why that game stopped I think we were sick of trying to sail into the wind! We then unwound with a few laps on the Scalextric track!

Game One

Game Two - I believe due to global warming our oceans faded to a very light blue for this game...

We’ll be posting everything from AARs to pictures of our miniatures to our thoughts on rules so in the words of Trajan “let the games begin”!

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