Sunday, 27 August 2017

Tranchworx 28mm French FT 17 Tank

To compliment my 1940 French infantry I need some armour support and what better than the ubiquitous FT 17 tank! in 1940 the French still had around 500 FT 17 in front line use for infantry support. Plus I love the look of this vehicle!

I picked up this kit as part of Trenchworx WW II Kickstarter you could add anything from their shop to the Kickstarter!

The model looks spot on and the casting is crisp, it just falls together! The kit includes both gun and MG options and these are interchangeable via a magnet setup. All in all a great product!

Here are the parts primed: 

Base coat sprayed on:

The fished product, I went for a kit without the trench crossing attachment and didn't apply any markings one day when I know someone with a 1940 French tank kit I'll see if I can snag any left over transfers:

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