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Scenario Background - The Third Beaconsfield Test AKA The Third Battle of Beaconsfield Park

I've put together the next scenario for the the Great Antipodean Adventure campaign, The Third Beaconsfield Test not sure when it will hit the tabletop but it is ready to go! It pits the Unionists against Coppers and Cricketers, yup Cricketers! Read on!

A period photograph of the members of the Beaconsfield Cricket Club First Eleven as they decamp from the Duck and Dive Public House and engage in some hi jinks on the evening of May 24 1932...

Scenario Background - The Third Beaconsfield Test AKA The Third Battle of Beaconsfield Park

The arrival near Sydney of Stalin’s OGPU agents and Political Officers Aboard an adapted Tupolev TB-3 bomber on May 22 changed the direction of the Great Antipodean Adventure. The Left Leaning antagonists and Unions were now given a focal point which they believed could lead them to ultimate victory against the oppressive Capitalist Regime of Premier Bertram Stevens. Meetings between the Soviet Officials and Australian Leaders were promptly arranged to discuss future joint operations.

Galvanised with Bolshevik rhetoric and Soviet arms each of the Left Factions issued their own Manifestos detailing their future directions for New South Wales. Synopsis’s of these wordy tomes were printed and distributed to the populace to gain support. Virtually every Group updated their Manifestos daily listing more idealistic bombast. Also, insidiously included were new ‘rules’ to help the populace enjoy their new-found freedoms and that coincidentally suited the Faction’s agendas.

When the Amalgamated Engineering Union released apprise 3 of their Manifesto on May 25 1932, they crossed a sacred line that would lead to bloodshed! The flyer issued included a change in Section 112 Paragraph B of their Manifesto on pastimes for the proletariat. It stated that the Capitalist Sport of Cricket, a vile remnant of Australia’s shady Imperialistic past was banned forthwith, henceforth what they saw as a chauvinist sport that pandered to the gentry was never to grace the green fields of the Great Southern Socialist Republic of New South Wales again!

This was a red rag to a bull causing quite a stir amongst Sydneysiders and even alienated many of their own members! Clashes between devotees of the Greatest Game to ever grace an oval and members of the Amalgamated Engineering Union begun that very next day. It became an unnecessary aside and a thorn in the Unions side. Also, the declaration led directly to Third Battle of Beaconsfield Park otherwise known as ‘The Third Beaconsfield Test’.

At daybreak on Saturday May 28, the Beaconsfield Cricket Clubs First Eleven accompanied by many local residents and the Constabulary threw down the gauntlet to the Amalgamated Engineering Union announcing an out of season social game at Beaconsfield Park that very day! At 9:00am Union Officials with Soviet Advisers arrived at the Park and warned everyone that this was not acceptable behaviour and the so-called social game would not be allowed to proceed! They would see to that! The Cricket devotees held firm on their plans, the game would go ahead!

At 10:00am an half an hour before play was to start the Unionist Mobs descended on Beaconsfield Park expecting to break some heads and were surprised to see the BCC’s First Eleven led by the Captain former A.I.F. lieutenant, Bruce Martin was armed to the teeth and supported by enthusiastic Constables!

The First Innings was going to begin would prove to be bloody…

The BCC First Eleven

Captain Batsman Bruce Martin MM with Bar
Vice Captain Allrounder Richie ‘Stonewall’ Lindwall
Wicketkeeper Jack Goodcock
with Umpire Richard Toucher
Opener Bert ‘Big Shorts’ Youngfield
Opener Ian ‘Bluey’ Greenpath
First Drop Batsman Bert Steelmonger
Batsman Neil Harvey-Norman

Fast Bowler Max ‘Rubber Knees’ Trotter
Swing Bowler Ashley Hammer
Fast Bowler Dennis Tulip
Spin Bowler Clarrie Gromit

The set up for the 'period' photograph... 

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  1. A "courageous" decision by the Unionists to ban cricket.